• Let's move healthcare forward, together.

    Our mission is to ensure that people in need of care can receive it close to home. We work alongside customers to deliver efficient and outstanding patient experiences across a diverse range of service platforms.

  • Social Responsibility & Giving

    It's in our DNA

    Beam is deeply committed to social responsibility and charity. These pursuits are critical components of our organizational philosophy.

    Beam Up

    Beam Up is the charity arm of our organization, working to establish free telemedicine-based care for underserved communities.

    Giving Back

    At free clinics, Beam provides all necessary hardware, access to its group of volunteer TeleSpecialists and an integrative team of medical specialists.

  • Taking care of our people = taking care of your patients.

    Also built into Beam's DNA is the belief that doing right by our employees improves outcomes for our customers.

  • Interested in joining our team?

    We'd love to hear from you.

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