Bolster Your Medical Team With Tele-Cardiology

Many medical practices are stuck when they need specialized expertise to diagnose and care for a patient. Tele-cardiology is the resounding answer to that problem, incorporating guided support, consistent access, and telemedicine procedures for doctors and primary care teams. Beam Healthcare’s cardiologist and advanced practice providers can assist medical staff in providing their patients with informed, comprehensive care plans through direct consultation and rapid procedural interpretation. 


What Tele-Cardiology Can Do for Patients

Our tele-cardiology service is an excellent tool to provide specialty patient care when it's needed most. Empowering providers with up to date recommendations, while delivering quality patient care is the backbone of our tele-cardiology service line. Our tele-cardiology services include:

Cardiology eConsult

Cardiology eConsults provide on-demand consultation, assistance, and support for primary care doctors and hospital teams. eConsults equip providers with immediate guidance so they can deliver efficient and appropriate care. This tool enables direct communication with our cardiology team to help meet your patients' needs.


The Telemedicine Cardiology Consult provides primary care and medical teams with access to cardiology providers to develop a well-devised care plan for patients. Our board-certified team  provides patient evaluation and assessment to help establish a proper treatment plan in conjunction with the primary care team.


Our board-certified cardiologist will provide rapid and accurate interpretation of your onsite completed cardiac studies, such as echocardiograms, stress tests, and more. Having quick access to the results of these studies helps with clinical decision-making and the development of treatment plans.

Guided support for your providers

Cardiology eConsult

Equip your hospitalist and primary care provider teams with a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to quality Cardiology guidance. An eConsult is the perfect tool for simple guidance and reassurance to help move along patient care.

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Ex: Anticoagulation recommendations.


Access to Cardiology providers for your patients

Telemedicine Cardiology Consult

Our Cardiology team of physicians and advanced practice providers will see and examine your patients in the clinic or hospital. With a thorough evaluation, a well-devised care plan, and dependable communication; we can ensure a team approach to patient-centered care.

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Ex: Advanced Congestive Heart Failure, Arrhythmias, Coronary Artery Disease

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Remote Cardiology Procedure Interpretation

Simple | Timely | Accurate


Tele-procedures are an effective means of interpreting data obtained by inpatient and outpatient cardiac procedures. Rapid interpretation will provide necessary results to supplement patient care and help guide treatment. Our board-certified cardiologists will provide interpretation for the following cardiac studies in less than one business day:



Onsite-performed resting and stress echocardiograms are uploaded and our board-certified Cardiologist interprets the study and provides results to expedite patient care. You can depend on accurate, clear, and detailed reports to ensure proper patient care without delay.

Stress Tests

Beam Healthcare’s board-certified cardiologists will provide high quality interpretation of exercise and nuclear stress tests within 24 hours of completion.  Upload your facility-performed stress tests and we can take it from there.  Whether assessing chest pain, determining a patient's disposition, or risk stratification before surgery; having quick results will keep patient care on track.

Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring and Electrocardiograms

Experience quick and accurate interpretation of your facility placed Holter Monitors, Event Monitors, and other cardiac ambulatory monitors. Receive accurate and detailed results within 24-48 hours and direct provider to provider contact with critical results.


A MUGA Scan allows providers to use their existing nuclear cardiology program to accurately determine a patients’ left ventricular function. Our board-certified cardiologists can interpret the uploaded facility-completed MUGA scans and be available for patient care decisions.

Vascular Studies

Vascular studies involve our board-certified Cardiologists providing accurate carotid ultrasound and ankle-brachial index (ABI) study interpretations for primary care use. This enables corroboration for treatment plans to deliver quality patient care.

Cardiac Device Monitoring

Device management can be layered with complexity. Our Beam Healthcare providers simplify this process for both providers and patients.  Our team provides accurate device interpretation and programming recommendations, while eliminating the missed opportunities for patient care. Providers can give their pacemaker and defibrillator patients the necessary support and monitoring locally.


No need to purchase new technology

Rapid Turnaround

Procedure reports within hours

Procedure +

Interpretation with clinical guidance

Improve ROI

Increase patient access, decrease downstream healthcare cost

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At Beam Healthcare, our overarching goal is to take a patient-centered focus to health care, addressing complex problems through effective, collaborative solutions. Our established tele-cardiology systems provide primary care teams with the information, guidance, and interpretations they need to develop optimal patient care plans. We provide appropriate treatment options and solutions without having to staff additional in-house personnel or create supplemental departments.

To find out more about our tele-cardiology services, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.