• Beam Charity Clinic

    Paying It Forward In Your Backyard

    We are passionate about the practice of medicine and serving our local community. Our focus is on preventive/integrative medicine and patient education. We are not here to take the role of Primary Care Provider but instead to build a stronger foundation by empowering and educating patients about their health, medications, diet, lifestyle, and providing local resources.


    Our approach to this is simple:

    1. Partner with a local not-for-profit organization with office space
    2. Beam will help set up a Charity Clinic at the organization
    3. Beam and local physicians would volunteer
    4. Integrative Medicine Team of Volunteers - Nursing, Clinical Pharmacist, Case Mgmt/Social worker, Dietician, etc. 
    5. Beam will provide access to its group of volunteer TeleSpecialists
    6. Beam will provide Electronic Health Record and Hardware 
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