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The wait time for a new patient to be seen is greater than in almost any other specialty in medicine by a factor of two.

According to the CDCs telehealth in rural communities intervention, proper blood sugar assessment increased by 30%, and diet compliance improved by 21%.

Between 5 and 6 million women are affected by the most common cause of infertility: PCOS.


Equip your providers with a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to quality endocrinology guidance. An eConsult is the perfect tool for simple guidance and reassurance to help move along patient care.

Ex. Hypothyroidism management, benign thyroid nodules


Telemedicine Consults

Our endocrinology team of physicians and advanced practice providers will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your patients. With a well-devised care plan and reliable communication, we partner with your onsite team to deliver patient-centered care.

Ex: Complex Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism, Women’s Health


Thyroid Nodules

Your patients want answers. Do I have cancer? Do I need surgery? Partner with our tele-endocrinology providers to get accurate answers, ease fears, and deliver quality patient care.

Adrenal Masses

Our tele-endocrinology providers will utilize precise testing to define the adrenal mass and determine the role of surgery versus careful monitoring. Tele-endocrinology offers careful diagnosis and management of all adrenal masses.


The world of hypothyroidism is full of conflicting messages, from social media to the depths of Google, patients are overwhelmed with ideas. Wade through fact and fiction to safely treat patients based on their underlying risk factors, laboratory values, and clinical with tele-endocrinology co-management.


Hyperthyroidism is an acute disorder that demands prompt attention and management. Our tele-endocrinology providers are ready to evaluate and implement the most appropriate treatment plan from pharmacological therapy to radiation/surgical therapy.

Women’s Health

Patients deserve a multidisciplinary team with primary care providers, obstetricians/gynecologists, and endocrinologists to ensure overall wellness. Metabolic management of PCOS, gestational diabetes and other hormone conditions complicating pregnancy are great examples of patients who benefit from endocrinology co-management.


Daily management changes with new medications and new advice regarding therapy duration creates challenges. Provide your patients with insightful, informed, and up-to-date treatment plans to reduce fracture risk and its associated morbidity.

Beam Healthcare now offers tele-endocrinology services. Contact us to learn more about these services.