• Understanding the Need

    As healthcare professionals, we know the challenges of delivering high-quality, accessible care at affordable costs. Many facilities seek to provide five-star care, but struggle to find:

    1. An efficient, affordable approach to "staffing up"
    2. Continuous patient care for high-acuity health needs
    3. Long-term peace of mind and quality assurance

  • Who We Serve

    Every step of the way – from the comfort of home, to the expertise of hospital

    Critical Access Hospitals or Microhospitals

    Staffing is lean at a small or mid-sized hospital, but patient needs are not. Let our team of specialists pick up where your staff capacity ends.

    Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living Facilities

    Our telemedicine model takes mobility out of the equation, bringing physicians directly to your resident’s bedside.

    Outpatient Care Clinics

    Boost patient engagement and satisfaction, and improve your facility's efficiency with the help of Beam’s specialty providers.


    Stay tuned for more about our telemedicine program for employers.

  • How it Works

    It really is as good as it sounds—first class, budget-smart, high-continuity care.

  • "Beam Healthcare knows the importance of reaching out to the community and being part of it ... their team is engaged, creative, and approachable ... [we] couldn't be more pleased."

    - Laura Mays

    PR/Marketing Director at Stoughton Hospital

  • We are redefining cost, quality, and access.

    Improving Outcomes for Patients and Facilities

    Barriers to access like distance can keep patients from the care they need. Transfers eat up valuable time and reduce revenue. Our model bridges the gap by connecting specialists to patients regardless of location.

    Proven, Accredited Solution with Our Permanent Staff

    Beam physicians are permanent employees, accredited by the Joint Commission and the backbone of quality. By investing in an outstanding team, we provide a win-win relationship with our customers and providers.

    Smart Pricing Structures

    We’re serious about reducing costs. That’s why we offer transparent pricing and no mark-up on telemedicine equipment. When you partner with us, our entire pool of specialists is at your disposal, and you pay only for the services you use.

    Peace of Mind

    Choosing the type and quality of your telemedicine investment is no joke. With Beam, you can rest assured that we will provide ongoing quality monitoring, data analytics, and direct involvement with your facility/quality assurance committees.

  • A partner that cares as much as you do.

    Let our proven methods help you expand services, improve patient experiences, and reduce costs.

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