• Why Quality Telemedicine Matters To Insurance Companies

    This is more than the Cough / Cold Telemedicine


    Improve Access

    Your patients can now receive specialist consult & continuity of care in the hospital, SNF, ALF, and employer's site with same level of service as in person specialist.


    Avoid Delay In Care

    Delay in specialist consult and follow-up causes further deterioration of the disease & leads to secondary complication.


    Improve Patient Satisfaction

    Patients are now able to receive care locally and have the ability to see the same specialist provider for continuity of care.


    Reduce Cost

    Reduce Cost by avoiding delay in specialist consult and minimizing unnecessary transport cost for a non-procedural inpatient or outpatient consult.


    Improve ROI

    Save cost on current insured members and increase your market share by helping solve the Iron Triangle of Healthcare (Cost, Quality, and Access)

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