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Pulm eConsults

Pulmonary support for your primary care and hospitalist teams.

Pulm Tele-Consults

Comprehensive pulmonary evaluation and follow up for your inpatient and outpatient needs.

Pulm Procedures

Pulmonary Function Tests | Sleep Studies

E-Guidance for your PCP or Hospitalist Team

Pulmonary e-consult

Provide your hospitalist and primary care provider teams with a time-efficient and cost-effective solution for quality Pulmonary guidance.  An e-Consults is the perfect tool for quick reassurance and simple guidance to help move along patient care.  Ex: anticoagulation recommendations.

Respiratory Service Line

Access to Pulmonary Provider for your patients

Telemedicine pulmonary consult

Our Pulmonary team of physicians and advanced practice providers will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your patients in the clinic or hospital.  With a thorough evaluation, a well-devised care plan, and dependable communication; we can ensure a team approach to patient-centered care.  Ex: Severe COPD, ILD, Asthma, etc.

Clinical Service Line

See How Tele-Pulm & Tele-RT Team Up To Support You

Case Study 1: 
Maximizing Non-Invasive Ventilation at smaller hospitals & avoiding transfers.

Case Study 2:
Scalable Covid-19 Coverage


Tele-Pulm +

When your inpatient team could use guidance for higher acuity patients. Tele-Respiratory Therapists assess patients, review labs, vitals, radiology images, and speak with the onsite providers. Tele-Pulmonologists can then efficiently review this information and the EMR to provide an Econsult or decide if a Teleconsult is necessary. (Examples: ILD, COPD, Asthma, ARDS)

ICU Patient Care




Breathe +

Procedures & Clinical Guidance

Tele-Sleep | TEle-Pulm | Tele-RT


No need to purchase new technology

Procedure +

Interpretation with Clinical Guidance

Quick Turnaround

Get your guidance when you need them

Improve ROI

Keep your patients local & expand your services.

Pulmonary Function Tests

Tele-Pulmonologists provide PCPs focused interpretations crucial to the diagnosis and management of lung disease.  After that, Beam's Tele-Respiratory Therapists can help with patient education and treatment optimization.

(Ages 12 & above)

Sleep Study

Tele-Sleep provides PCPs focused interpretations crucial to the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders.

(Ages 12 & above)


"This has been an amazing addition to our services we can provide here on campus at RAMC. It affords us the opportunity to provide specialized care to the patients in our community who suffer from lung disease. These patients can receive quality care right here at home."

Respiratory Therapy Director


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We can help provide procedure interpretation or remote consults with minimal overhead. 


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