• Telemedicine @ Your SNF / ALF

    Our Providers Work For You & With You

    Provide Specialty Care - Locally

    No Need To Transfer The Patient

    Reduce Staffing Need

    We Partner With You

    No billing hassels

    We are here for the long haul

    We Work On Any Platform

    No New Hardware Needed

    Zero Go Live Investment


    Patient Centered Care

    Remote doesn't have to be less

  • Cardiology Consult

    • Most frequent reason for Post-Acute Followups
      • Angina / Coronary Disease
      • Arrhythmia
      • Heart Failure
      • Perioperative Risk Stratification
      • More+

  • Infectious Disease

    Outpatient consults - Most common reasons

    • Bacteremia
    • Diabetic infections
    • Complicated surgical wounds
    • +More

    Ongoing Management of IV Infusions

    • Regular interval patient follow-up instead of weekly transfers to an outside facility
    • Duration of IV medication

    Antibiotic Stewardship Oversight

    • Work closely with your Infection Prevention department locally
    • Help large SNF institution create IP policies and provide biannual consulting

    Infection Prevention

    We work closely with your Infection Prevention leads

  • Pulmonary Consults & Procedures

    • Common reason for Outpatient Consult
      • Severe Asthma
      • Moderate to Severe COPD
      • Interstitial Lung disease
      • Pulmonary Nodule
      • Clinical review of CT Chest
      • More
    • Procedure Interpretation
      • Outpatient Pulmonary Function Test

  • Remote Call Coverage

    Avoid ED Visits | Reduce Transport & Staffing Cost

    Designing the Right Program

    When Cost Matters

    Beam’s oncall services are tailored to meet the needs of your facility and your community.

    Call Coverage

    Avoid ER Visits

    We are able to assess patients with clinical status change with the goals of taking care of them at the facility instead of being transferred to the ER.

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