Support primary care and urggent care providers with complex dermatology questions in minutes.

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We know identifying rashes at times is not simple even after going through AI and educational references.

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Hair Loss

Hair loss may be due to a deeper issue at times and requires asking the right questions.

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From auto-immune disease to skin cancer questions.

Get an answer from Tele-Dermatologist in 2 minutes

Our team is here to support your primary care and urgent care providers with clinical questions.

“Our goal is to provide clients choices when it comes to the level of specialty access. ”
Dr. Sarjoo Patel
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Here’s what our great customers say


Beam's genuine desire to see you to be successful. Dr. Patel and his team certainly lives their mission, and that desire to help you to be the better hospital, and the best hospital that you can be to serve your community at the highest level possible. They want you to be successful, they are going to hold you accountable to what your promises are so that you can achieve your objectives that you are looking to achieve.

John Hugson
CEO Frio Regional Hospital

“Pretty Easy Decision ”

Beam really stepped up for us over the past two years. Stabilization of the core team led by Dr. Menet, enhanced performance and responsiveness by the Tele-nocturnist, the partnership with our individual Specialists and ED Providers, support of Nursing staff and a sincere drive to retain as many patients as we can made this a pretty easy decision. Add to that Dr. Patel's Clinical Leadership through the Pandemic and we're off and running for another five years."

Dan DeGroot
CEO | Stoughton Health

"Quality care right here at home"

This has been an amazing addition to our services we can provide here on campus at RAMC.  It affords us the opportunity to provide specialized care to the patients in our community who suffer from lung disease.  These patients can receive quality care right here at home.

Jennifer Horkan
Director of Respiratory Therapy at RAMC

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