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    4 min read

    Why Telemedicine? Economic Health

    In our “Why Telemedicine?” series we are examining various benefits to telemedicine programs. These posts aim to...

    8 min read

    Why Telemedicine? Patients Save

    In this series we discuss the advantages to telemedicine across clinical settings and medical specialties. These are...

    3 min read

    Leveraging Telemedicine for Procedures: Pulmonary Function Tests

    In this series we discuss how health systems can leverage telemedicine to increase procedural utilization locally....

    5 min read

    Reduce Delays, Improve Outcomes and Decrease Costs with Cardiology Tele-Interpretation

    The need for leading-edge cardiology services in every care setting across the U.S. has never been more apparent....

    9 min read

    Improving Access to Endocrinologists for Diabetes Care Through Telemedicine

    Previous Beam blog posts described the ways in which telemedicine lends itself to the management of complicated ...

    7 min read

    VA Healthcare Licensing Model–A Roadmap to Improved Access for U.S. Healthcare System

    The continued impact of COVID-19 has further amplified the hot-button issue of access to high-quality, affordable...

    7 min read

    How Telemedicine Antibiotic Stewardship Helps Healthcare Providers

    Did you know that some pathogens are now so resilient that even powerful antibiotics cannot overcome them? Antibiotic...

    7 min read

    Mindfulness Could Be A Saving Grace For Men’s Health

    There is a silent mental health crisis plaguing men in our society. Constituting 75 % of US suicide victims, research...

    6 min read

    COVID-19 Data in the Navajo Community and Why Representation Matters

    The unfortunate reality in the US is that not everything is as equal as we would like it to be. This extends to our...

    3 min read

    A Doctor, His Dog, and the Ice Age Trail

    Exploring the state parks in Wisconsin has taken up more and more of my time over the past several years.  Throughout...

    5 min read

    Why Politicians Should Promote Telemedicine and eHealth

    2020 has been a bit of a crazy one when it comes to health care. All the normal, day-to-day medical problems seem to...

    4 min read

    COVID Surge is NOT a Business Model for Beam Healthcare.

    As the dark cloud of COVID settled over us in March, hospitals across the country were looking for ways to help and...


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